Hollander® was founded on the premise of difference. Creating a watch that is different from the rest is one thing, but creating a brand that is different; that’s another thing altogether.


We prioritise exclusivity at Hollander®. One new product each month. Never to be released again.


Once it’s yours, it’s yours.


The first edition was crafted by our founder Conor Logue whilst he was grinding out the early years of his career in the City of London. Similar to many other young people.


“I had grown tired of seeing mediocre products, produced in bulk, being labelled as high-quality. I wanted to create a watch that I would be proud to wear myself. A watch that represented more than just a timepiece on your wrist.”


“I believe that one great product is better than a thousand average ones. And that’s why we only create one new product each month.”


The initial product development and planning took place in Belfast - a city that has undergone significant changes in the last decade.


“The City of Belfast has gone from strength to strength in the last few years. It’s home to many people who value their identity like no other - and it has welcomed talent from all over the world looking to make their mark on the international stage.”


Hollander® takes inspiration from this type of loyalty and pride - embedding it into every single piece that we make.


We can’t wait to see where our journey will take us.

Conor Logue, Owner of Hollander - conor@shophollander.co.uk

Our Story

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